How to Remove DoublePulsar (Malware Removal Guide)

By | May 15, 2019

?I am not on my infected PC now cuz I can not get the system DoublePulsar is detected by AVG yesterday, and I reboot the PC into safe mode with networking but then can not have it launched. I can just to to the bios screen. Not sure whether there are other malware. Any help?

What is DoublePulsar?

As long as DoublePulsar breaks into your computer successfully, its malicious files will sneaks into your system folder and bundle with your system files. Lots of vicious applications will be automatically added on your computer, and there you can see lots of annoying pop-ups on your screen. Meanwhile, since you antivirus can detect it but unable to permanently remove it away, the warning reported by your antivirus will constantly pop up on your screen.

What’s worse, in order to bring your computer into a worse situation, Trojan:Win32/Wysotot can even shut down your Internet connection by modifying your computer’s LAN settings forcibly, and those private data and information including you ID number, bank account detail, facebook, twitter and other online chatting tools account can be easily collected by hackers remotely for some evil purpose.Based on what I have stated above, DoublePulsar can seriously harm to your computer which you should be kicked out from your computer as quickly as possible.

How DoublePulsar Makes It’s Invasion Inside The PC:

By downloading several freeware ans shareware applications from various unreliable domain.
By accessing spam emails and opening any of it’s infected attachments
By paying visit to several adult websites
By installing weaker antivirus programs in the computer system.
By updating any of the software applications to it’s latest updated version.
DoublePulsar transferring data from one system to another via making use of infectious removable storage device.
By sharing data among multiple computers connected via LAN connection.
By downloading pirated softwares and playing online games
By installing fake programs or drives on the Windows
By clicking several sponsored links or ads flickering over vicious web pages

Negative Impacts Of DoublePulsar:

It lock down the entire system and deactivate everything.
It encrypts all the system’s vital files completely and makes them inaccessible to the users.
It allows the cyber attackers to take control over the computer hardware devices, change associated settings, shut down or restart a computer without seeking the user’s permission.
It enables intruder to create, delete, copy, rename or edit any file, implement various commands, modify system settings, alter the Windows registry, execute, control and terminate programs, download and install numerous other software and parasites.
DoublePulsar sniff the user’s private and confidential information, valuable documents, identity details, password and spy on their browsing session.
It also installs hidden FTP server which are mostly utilized by vicious persons for several unethical purposes.
It diminishes the system’s working potential on huge extent by dropping numerous junk files in the system’s hard drive.

How to Remove DoublePulsar Thoroughly

Method 1: Manually Remove DoublePulsar Step by Step.

Method 2: Remove DoublePulsar by Using SpyHunter.

Method 3: Remove the DoublePulsar automatically with Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

Method 1: Manually Remove DoublePulsar Step by Step.

Step 1: Reboot your computer in Safe Mode with Networking.
Restart your computer and press F8 key before Windows launches. When the “Advanced Boot Options” appears on the screen, highlight Safe Mode with Networking by moving the up and down arrow keys, and then pressEnter to proceed.

safe-mode with networking_2

Step 2: Stop DoublePulsar related processes.
Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open task Manager. Now go to the Processes tab, and you will see the list of all processes that are currently running in the system. Now you can find out and select all the malicious processes and click on End Process to stop all these malicious processes.


Step 3: Show all hidden files and folders. Click the Start menu, and select Control Panel . Click on theAppearance and Personalization link, and click on the Show hidden files and folders option. Click the ”View ” tab, select ” Show hidden files, folders and drives ” in the list, remove the checkbox from ” Hide protected operating system files (Recommended) “. Once this is done, click the ” Apply ” button and then the ” OK ” button.

show all-hidden files

Step 4: Remove all DoublePulsar related programs.
Click Start menu, and select Control Panel. Click Uninstall a program . Find and remove all programs related with the Trojan horse.


Step 5: Remove all malicious registry entries.
Press Windows key + R key, type regedit into the box and click OK . This will open Window Registry editor. Find out and delete all the Trojan horse related registry entries.


Step 6: Delete all malicious files.
Navigate to the C drive, find out and delete all files associated with DoublePulsar.

Method 2: Remove DoublePulsar by Using SpyHunter.

SpyHunter is a powerful malware removal tool designed with the latest technologies. It has the advanced scanning algorithms which enable it to automatically scan the whole computer system and identify the existing threats on your computer. Now you can download and use this powerful removal tool to clean up DoublePulsar from your PC. Please follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Download SpyHunter on your PC.

download spyhunter now

Step 2: Follow the setup wizard to install SpyHunter on your computer. Then, run the program to scan the system for DoublePulsar and any other potential threats.

spyhunter-scan computer now

Step 3: Once the scanning is complete, remove all detected threats by clicking on the “Fix Threats” button.

spyhunter-fix threats

Remove the DoublePulsar automatically with Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky Internet Security delivers premium PC protection from all Internet threats. Award-winning technologies, such as Safe Money technology, ensure your financial protection as you bank and shop online. While unique features, such as Webcam Protection and Wi-Fi security notifications, secure your online privacy and identity.

Real-time Internet protection against all viruses and online threats
Secures online banking and shopping with unique Safe Money technology
Safeguards your digital identity and privacy
Identifies suspicious and phishing websites
Prevents spying via unauthorized access to your webcam
Alerts you to dangerous public Wi-Fi networks
Helps you keep your children safe and responsible online
Hassle-free protection with maximum PC performance

Tip 1. Download adware remover Kaspersky Anti-Virus
a) Click the icon below to download Kaspersky Anti-Virus automatically.
b) Follow the instructions to install Kaspersky Anti-Virus.

Install Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015

Tip 2. Run SpyHunter to fully scan your PC


Tip 3. Show the scan result and delete all detected items.
Video Show: How to install and activate Kaspersky Anti-Virus

This article is elaborated on how to get rid of DoublePulsar virus and the methods to prevent getting it. With the up-to-date information, you will be able to remove it successfully from your Computer.

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Knowledge Point

Most often, we realize that our computers had been infected with virus or malware until our PCs started behaving in an unusual way. It is too late. As mentioned before, Internet is not a safe place. Hackers are trying to access to your computer and spread malicious programs through all sorts of deceptive ways. To protect our PCs from malware infection, it is very important to take a proper precaution measure. Thus, you can enjoy a safe Internet environment. Here are some useful tips listed below you should bear in mind.

Make sure you are using a practical Antivirus Program and a real-time Anti-malware Program. If you don’t have the advanced antivirus/anti-malware program installed, we’re willing to recommend Good Virus/Malware Removal Tools to you
Highly Recommended to You:

Plumbytes Anti-Malware – Powerful Anti-Virus Program
SpyHunter – Real-Time Anti-malware Program

After downloading and installing, run the Free Scanner to scan your PC regularly.

Keep away from pop-ups when browsing the web. Lots of annoying pop-ups contain malicious programs or malware link. Maybe a simple click malware or virus will automatically install on computer.
Do not set up the same password on a website. The purpose of doing that is to prevent hackers stealing your account information. In case the site was hijacked, your login account and passwords will be exposed to hackers. Your sensitive data will be at high risk. Hackers can use your personal data to perform an illegal activity or defraud. So it is very important to set up different passwords on different websites.
Choose reliable website or official site to download freeware. When installing the chosen software, don’t forget to select Advanced or Custom installation and deselect any additional programs which bundled with the software you are going to install.
Be cautious when receiving an unknown email. Most of spam emails are created by hackers to distribute malware or viruses. Do not randomly open an unknown email attachment from unfamiliar sender. You’d better delete once received. Research shows that it has become a popular way for cyber criminals to spread via spam emails.


DoublePulsar is a highly dangerous Trojan that can sneak into vulnerable computers without any consent and carry out many harmful actions. There are a number of ways that you may end up with this Trojan horse on your PC. Some come attached as .exe files in spam emails, and some may be cunningly disguised as a piece of software that is just begging you to download it – a new episode of your favorite TV show for example. Once downloaded, the virus can collect sensitive information, such as credit card passwords, log in details, user credentials and others in the background, then further send this information to the remote hackers for their own illicit purpose. Not to mention that it can bring other system problems like browser redirection, system crash, blue screen of death and program manipulation. As mentioned above, users should remove DoublePulsar virus without any hesitation in order to keep PC safe and secure.

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