Several Effective Methods to Remove Premium Download Manager Completely

By | July 14, 2013

Premium Download Manager in your computer and you don’t know how to get rid of it? I wanted to remove it as this unwanted software has been slowing my pc down for the past couple of months. I want my computer back running as fast as before. How can I remove it?

What is Premium Download Manager?

Premium Download Manager is an irritating adware program that can infect your computer through bundled third party programs, compromised websites, suspicious emails and peer to peer file sharing. After infecting your system, it will also attack your working web browser and start showing lots of unwanted and annoying ads on your computer. It pretends to be your best companion while shopping online and promises to save your money. In real Premium Download Manager is just a nasty adware program intended to make profit by boosting the traffic of dubious websites. It will redirect your browser on unknown web pages.

Premium Download Manager is able to infect all web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and others. This notorious threat is mainly intended to redirect your searches on unknown sites and generate revenue for them. It get commission for redirecting users on those dubious websites. Premium Download Manager is also capable to bring other similar threats and unwanted toolbars and extensions on your computer. This nasty threat can also steal your personal information by tracking your browsing activities and send to remove hackers. You are advised to immediately delete Premium Download Manager from your PC as early as possible.

On entering in our System

It keeps blocking your way to targeted websites by forcing you to browse unwanted ads.
It provides access of your computer system to remote hacker without your approval and notice.
It tracks user online activities and steals their private information for online scamming.
It can install more malware to your PC without giving notification to user.
It slows down the processing speed of your PC.
It consumes much part of your CPU and thus degrades the overall performance of your PC.
It is able to open back door for hacker and let them lock your system to rob you.

How to Remove Premium Download Manager Completely And Safely?

To completely get rid of this crafty adware, we must remove the browser extensions created by it, the registry files damaged by it as well as other malicious threats brought by it. So if are not an advanced computer expert, don’t attempt to delect Premium Download Manager manually. Becasue any mistake during the operation process may cause severe consequence. Therefore, the best way to remove the adware is to use powerful and professional removal tools like SpyHunter, Malwarebytes and Max Spyware Detector. All of them are top-level anti-malware applications. They can automatically detect and remove adware, rootkits, Trojans, worms, spyware and other harmful threats from the infected computers without causing any side-effect.

The most remarkable features of the three automatic malware removal tools include:

1. Actively monitor any changes to homepage and automatically restores if it has been altered.
2. Be capable of scanning various places that malware may reside in, including Windows Registry, Internet browser’s settings, add-ons, cookies and file system.
3. Support protection of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
4. Provide real-time protection against malware.
5. Automatically update.

SpyHunter — Real-Time Malware Protection and Powerful Removal Tool

Download SpyHunter by clicking here
The video below will show you the detailed installation process, then follow the guide to use it to scan your system and remove the adware Premium Download Manager and other potentially unwanted threats completely.

Manually Remove CoimparingGenie Step by Step

Step1. Uninstall Premium Download Manager from Windows7/Vista/8/XP.
Step2. Remove Premium Download Manager add-ons from Browsers.
Step3. Clear away the registry files created by Premium Download Manager.
Step4. Reset Internet Explorer/ Firefox/Chrome/Safari Settings.

Step1. Uninstall Premium Download Manager from Windows7/Vista/8/XP.


1.Click Start menu and then choose Control Panel.

Control Panel - Windows7

2.Click Uninstall a program under Programs.

uninstall a program

3.Uninstall Premium Download Manager from the list of installed programs.

uninstall Premium Download Manager


Windows 8

1.Drag your mouse cursor to the right edge of the screen, select Search from the list and then search for Control Panel.

uninstall a program from Windows8

2.Navigate to Uninstall a program, then remove Premium Download Manager by clicking Uninstall /Change button.

Uninstall Premium Download Manager W8


Windows XP

1.Click Start button and then select Control Panel.

Uninstall Premium Download Manager from WindowsXP

2. Double-click Add/Remove Programs and then remove Premium Download Manager by clicking Change/Remove button.

Add programs

uninstall Premium Download Manager from XP


Step2. Remove Premium Download Manager add-ons from Browsers.

Internet Explorer

1.Open Internet Explorer, click Tools and then select Manage Add-ons.

Manage add ons

2. Select all unknown extensions related to Premium Download Manager in the Toolbars and Extensions and then click Disable button.

Disable extension-Internet Explorer


Mozilla Firefox

1.Open Mozilla Firefox, click Tools and then choose Add-ons.

Add-on from Firefox

2.Click on Extensions icon at the left side, search for Premium Download Manager ?add-on and then click Remove button.

unwanted add-on name



Google Chrome

1.Open Google Chrome and click 3 bars icon > Tools > Extensions.


2.Remove Premium Download Manager by clicking the trashcan icon.



1.Open Safari, click the icon at the upper right corner and then choose Preferences.

Preference- Safari

2.Then go to Extensions and erase unwanted extensions related to Premium Download Manager by clicking Uninstall button.

Uninstall- Safari


Step3. Clear away the registry files created by Premium Download Manager.

1.Click Windows+R simultaneously, input “regedit” and then click OK to open registry editor.




2.Remove the registry files created by Premium Download Manager.

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Shell Folders]“Common Startup”=”C:\windows\start menu\programs\startup”
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\User Shell Folders]“Common Startup”=”C:\windows\start menu\programs\startup”

Step4. Reset Internet Explorer/ Firefox/Chrome/Safari Settings.


1.Open Internet Explorer, click Tools > Internet Options.

Internet Options

2.Click Advanced tab, then reset Internet Explorer by clicking Reset button.

Reset Internet Explorer


1.Open Firefox, click Help > Troubleshooting Information > Refresh Firefox.

Troubleshooting Information

Refresh Firefox

2. When a dialog box appears as shown below, click Refresh Firefox button.

Refresh Firefox-box

Google Chrome

1.Open Google Chrome, click the icon at the upper right corner and then select Settings.


2.Click Show advanced settings… link on the tab that opened up.


3.Then move your mouse to the bottom of the Windows and click the Reset browser settings button.

Reset browser settings google chrome

4.After reading the information in the authentication box, click Reset button.

reset google chrome


1.Open Safari, click the icon at the upper right corner and then choose Reset Safari.


2.Select the options you want to reset (usually all of them come preselected) and then click Reset button.

reset Safari

How to Avoid Spyware and Adware

A lot of unwelcome software ends up on your computer in part because of something you did or did not do. Here’s how to avoid unwanted spyware or adware:

1.Be selective about what you download to your computer. Make sure you really need a program before downloading it. And if you’ve never heard of the software maker, read its website carefully to learn more about the people behind the technology, as well as the technology itself. Also, watch out for ActiveX, which is a common tool for installing spyware without your knowledge or consent. You can turn off ActiveX via your browser preferences and you can always turn it back on should a trusted site require it.

2.Read licensing agreements. It can seem daunting to read these agreements, but to play it safe, don’t just scroll to the bottom and click the “I accept” button when installing freeware. Instead, read each agreement carefully and look for language pertaining to any information-gathering activity, which could mean that you’ll get spyware or adware along with your freebie.


Premium Download Manager is a annoying bug, so you are not surprised to discover many browser problems on your computer after installing this program. Premium Download Manager begins to display a ton of popups contain with commercial ads or links, and it can change the browser settings and trigger annoying redirection to unwanted sites while searching online, so you have to remove Premium Download Manager with useful and workable removal solution here to help you.

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